Puedo tomar tu foto?

July 31, 2017

My freinds and I went to Havana a couple months ago. It was a pretty rad experience from both a photographic and an sociological perspective. As an art photographer who derives most of his influences from William Eggelston, I was in heaven. The combination of beat up architecture and vivid color went together beautifully. There is so much character in Havana; it has a vibe like New Orleans, but x1000. The people are laid back, relaxed, and friendly. There is an  interesting sense of solidarity among the people as well. I could talk for ever about the sociological aspects of it but I'll save that for another day.

I shot this all on my trusty medium format film camera (the arax 60), with kodak portra 400 film. Portra is my go to when it comes to color film, the tones of this film are absolutely exquisite when shot right.  Along with the arax I brought a little instax camera (basically a newer day version of a polaroid camera). The instax camera was a hoot. I would go up to people and take one photo with the arax, and then one with the instax and then give them the instax photo. Man, some peoples eye's lit up when they watched their image slowly develop on the the instax polaroid film. 

Anyways....Peudo tumar tu foto?


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