Real Weddings

November 13, 2018

Real Weddings


I've discovered that I'm not to great at keeping up with blogging. What I am pretty good at is posting and getting preview shots to my wedding clients a few days after their wedding. Since I don't blog about them I decided to put them all in one post so people could get an idea of what my recent work is like and what I deliver to my clients. It is important to realize that these are real weddings. Why is that important to know? It's common for wedding photographers to get together with other wedding vendors and create stylized shoots. Shoots that have models and hours of time to get the shot. They all use it for portfolio use and advertising. It's quite different from shooting an actual wedding. In an actual wedding I'm shooting with little to no time, with sometimes anxious brides and grooms(pretty common thing to be nervous on your wedding day) people who may or may not be in a photogenic mood, stressed wedding coordinators and vendors, drunken family members and so on. Is every wedding that chaotic? No, but some are, stuff happens and sometime you just have to go with the flow. Personally I love it. I love the ability to create art in hectic moments and to capture organic moments that truly capture the vibe of the day. 
Each of these links are preview shots of my recent weddings. They are 20-40 of my favorite images that I feel best tell the story of the day. I deliver these within a few days after the wedding so my brides can quickly post images on social media, and so they don’t have to wait a couple months to see their wedding. 

Cameron and Anthony's Wedding 3.4.2018


April and Kyle's Wedding 3.24.2018


Kelsey and John's Wedding 3.31.2018


Jesse and Sandro's Wedding 5.11.2018


Andrew and Shannon's Wedding 5.19.2018


Rachael and Michael 6.2.2018


The Browns 6.8.2018


Mike and Sarah's Wedding 6.16.2018


Maria Luisa and Patrick's Wedding 9.8.2018


Tonya and Keith's Wedding 9.29.2018


Matti and Daniel's Wedding 10.20.2018


Courtney and Max's Wedding 11.3.2018


Devin and Zach's Wedding 11.9.2018


I definitely have more of a documentary style than anything. My favorite weddings are when people are having a blast. When the bride and groom are into it and having fun it gets me into it.