Author Portrait

July 24, 2018

Awhile back I did a portrait shoot for Izzy Oneiric. Izzy is an author and needed images for their recent book that is going to be published. When making a portrait I always try to connect with that person and try to get a sense for what kind of look we are going for. After talking with Izzy it seemed clear they didin't want a traditional type of headshot portrait. I showed them some examples of my past work and we decided on using a funky backdrop and some film cameras. I brought a backdrop that I got from Jeffereson variety awhile back. If you don't know what jefferson variety is go check it out. It is the place to get what you need for your Mardi Gras costume (or any kind of costume for that matter) So yea their fabrics also make pretty awesome backdrops too.


We shot some digital portraits until we got close to the look we were going for and then started shooting film.  I used my medium foramat camera with slide film that I cross processed in c41 chemicals to get funky colors.


After shooting on the medium format camera we switched over and used my large format 8x10 camera with xray film for added contrast. If you go to my instagram page you can see behind the scenes of the 8x10 process in my highlighted stories.



People have asked me in the past, why shoot on film. My answer is always for the aesthetics of it. It has a different look. A look that's near impossible to recreate on a digital camera. On the medium format and large format cameras the depth of field is a completely different beast. The result from shooting on these cameras is a softer blurrier out of focus area. 



Here's Izzy's book cover and our end result of the portrait. You can read more about Izzy's book here:

37771469_1990823057641610_8502922785125826560_n (1)37771469_1990823057641610_8502922785125826560_n (1)