New Orleans Headshot Studio Grand Opening

August 20, 2018


So those of you who are close to me know I just moved into a new place in midcity New Orleans. Guys I can't tell yall how excited I am about this new spot. It is a 2 bedroom shotgun double in the heart of New Orleans with a private fenced in backyard and a shed in the back. Well, guess what that spare bedroom and shed turned into. DUH! STUDIO / DARKROOM! ....

I am so excited about the new studio/darkroom I have decided to do a two week STUDIO GRAND OPENING HEADSHOT SPECIAL. From August 22nd, 2018 - September 5th, 2018. I'll be doing a special on headshot sessions. This will probably be the only time I'll be doing a special like this. If you have been needing to update your headshot now is the time to do it.

If you want something that will stand out take a look at my Antique Headshots. These are literally one of a kind images made in my 8x10 camera. These prints are made directly from the camera by using a special kind of paper called direct positive paper. I shoot the image in my studio then take it and you into the darkroom and process it right before your own eyes. The result is an 8x10 print with heavy contrast that is reminiscent of the tin type / dry plate process from the late 1800's. These are perfect gifts for loved ones.

I am doing a special on these as well. You get the original print, straight from the darkroom, It will be matted so you can easily fit it in a 11x14 frame. You will also a low res digital scan of the print, so you can share your image on social media or even use it for your unique headshot.


Or be a baller and get both antique print and digital headshot made for still under the price of a regular headshot session. I KNOW RIGHT?! it's a stupid dumb deal. I'm just too excited about the studio and want to show it off.


Call me at 504.315.0085 or contact me through my contact page to set up a session. Do it asap as prime time sessions spots will fill up quickly.