Why Event Portrait and Wedding Photography?

September 01, 2018



In the beginning of my career I didn't really know what kind of photography I wanted to do. All I knew was that I loved making artwork and experimenting with different types of photography. So, I turned to other local photographers for help. I've gotten a lot of help and advice for all aspects of photography, but the one piece of advice that I couldn't really settle with is that I needed to specialize in one genre of photography. This I could not do. I really love all types of photography and I love experimenting and trying new things. There is a certain type of joy when you try something new and nail a shot. It's kind of hard to describe, but it's where half my motivation comes from. I will always be trying new things in pursuit of that feeling. 


(Shot in 2015 during my last semester at UNO)

So why events, portraits, and weddings?

Well, over the years I didn't specialize in one genre, but in one area of photography. Event, Portrait, and Wedding Photography are multiple genres that are all very similar.

ts170914.largeformatbridalWTR-170914-13ts170914.largeformatbridalWTR-170914-13       company 2nd linecompany 2nd line


How is wedding photography similar with portrait and event photography?

 Well, it's both combined. From a photographers perspective a wedding is a portrait shoot combined with an event. The difference is there is more pressure to get good shots and a shorter amount of time to get those shots. Weddings may be a nerve racking experience for some brides and grooms. Some people get pretty nervous to stand in front of friends and family and declare their vows for there loved one. (I would definitly be nervous. I don't like being the center of attention) Part of my job as wedding photographer is getting people to relax enough to put their guard down so I can get good images of them. It's the same thing while shooting headshots or portraits. I get it all the time, someone comes into my studio they're relaxed and calm, I ask them to step in front of my lens and they tighten up. (I do the exact same in front of a lens, thats why I like to stay behind the lens) Well, I use the same strategy as I do when working with a nervous bride or groom. I talk to the person, I try to relate to the person, crack some jokes, etc. Usually after a couple minutes that person will relax enough to where we can get a good headshot. 


Maternity Shoot on the BayouMaternity Shoot on the Bayou

Author head shotAuthor head shot

How is wedding photography similar to event photography? Candids Candids Candids! 

   Conference networking with brandingConference networking with branding    

 This is what I love to shoot and it's a real challenge to capture a real moment in a beautiful way. Sometimes I have less than a second to compose a shot and capture someones reaction. Other times I'll compose my shot and wait for the decisive moment of when to fire the shutter. I've learned a lot of this through my street photography (check out my people of mardi gras series and my puedo tumar series) and I just apply it to weddings and events. The difference is during a wedding I'm typically hunting for people laughing and having fun. At a conference I am doing the same thing except throwing in companies brand or whatever style they are going for in the image. I'm also typically trying to place company logos and stuff in the background of shots. 

havana streethavana street

(Havana, Cuba 2017

mardi gras morning in the marignymardi gras morning in the marigny

(mardi gras day 2015) kid on the street on mardi gras morningkid on the street on mardi gras morning (mardi gras day 2017)


Theres one more thing that connects the three type of genre's for me: PEOPLE

I love people, people as individuals, and people in groups. It's interesting to me how people interact with their selves and each other.  I guess I'm a sociologist at heart, it's what I studied in school and most of my art work has some kind of sociological aspect in it. So yea, that's why I do what I do.


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