New Orleans French Quarter Proposal

June 24, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

New Orleans French Quarter Proposal


She said yes!


This is Dennis and Meghan, they got engaged this weekend and I was there to photograph Dennis proposing. Dennis called me a couple weeks beforehand saying he wanted to propose and wanted a photographer there to capture it. From there we nailed down where and when he was going to propose. He was from out of town so we had to do a couple emails back and forth with maps screenshots to nail the exact location. He wanted to propose in the exact same spot that they had a previous photo of them selves. The spot was on the edge of Jackson square facing Muriels. I got there 20 minutes beforehand and marked exactly where the best spot for him to propose for a composition with black tape. You can kinda see a little x on the street in the first photos. When Dennis got there he dropped a knee and I started shooting photos. Meghan's reaction was priceless.

After the moment settled down I walked up and congratulated them and asked if they wanted a couple of posed photos.

I've shot numerous proposals and every time I am blown away with the results of the shoot. I love being able to capture such real and raw emotion in an image. It always reinvigorates my creativity and fall right back in love with my craft.


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