A Day of Corporate Headshots

February 18, 2020

Earlier this month I got hired to make headshots for a startup company that was training about a 100 new employees. 96 employees to be exact. I know this because I took 96 headshots, several small group shots, and one large group shot. It was a long, but pretty fun day. An assistant and I got over to the Westin early in the morning to set up the headshot booth. For a headshot booth setup like this I bring a backdrop, lights, and a table to set my laptop on. I shoot tethered, which means my camera is plugged directly into the laptop. Every photo I take then pops up on the laptop screen and my client can than select the headshot they like best. I love making photos like this. It's the best way to do it because the client can see what I am photographing as I'm doing it. 

Heres a ridiculous video from my instagram account of Nathan(my assistant) posing for a test shot


Here's a couple headshots from the day:

ts200130.jrglobalheadshots-063ts200130.jrglobalheadshots-063 ts200130.jrglobalheadshots-107ts200130.jrglobalheadshots-107 ts200130.jrglobalheadshots-142ts200130.jrglobalheadshots-142 ts200130.jrglobalheadshots-258ts200130.jrglobalheadshots-258 ts200130.jrglobalheadshots-625ts200130.jrglobalheadshots-625 ts200130.jrglobalheadshots-762ts200130.jrglobalheadshots-762 ts200130.jrglobalheadshots-1014ts200130.jrglobalheadshots-1014 ts200130.jrglobalheadshots-1108ts200130.jrglobalheadshots-1108 ts200130.jrglobalheadshots-1206ts200130.jrglobalheadshots-1206 ts200130.jrglobalheadshots-1249ts200130.jrglobalheadshots-1249

Some of the small group shots:

ts200130.jrglobalheadshot-8337ts200130.jrglobalheadshot-8337 ts200130.jrglobalheadshot-8353ts200130.jrglobalheadshot-8353 ts200130.jrglobalheadshot-8370ts200130.jrglobalheadshot-8370 ts200130.jrglobalheadshot-8392ts200130.jrglobalheadshot-8392

and the large group shot:


From a technical stand point that shot was pretty hard to light. I had a stobe camera right on on top of the stairs facing down and on camera flash bouncing off the wall behind me. 


It was a pretty perfect day as far as corporate headshots go.