Magical Krewe of Madhatters Parade

March 03, 2020

The Magical Krewe of Madhatters

This Mardi Gras I was the official photographer for the Madhatters Parade. It was so fun and I am very grateful to get this job. Typically when I'm doing photography during Mardi Gras it's for my personal project People of Mardi Gras (a project aimed at describing Mardi Gras in New Orleans) This was way different from working on an art project and it was nice to approach photographing Mardi Gras differently. First off I was using a digital camera which makes shooting 100x easier. (I use film for my personal projects and digital for my professional work) Also I was able to hire out an assistant and bring out my strobe which was pretty handy once we got out the parade route.


We started the day off with getting photos of the celebrities getting there makeup and and costumes on. From there we hopped on a bus with every down to the staging area and I got a few shots of the celebrities and krewe members on there floats. Once the parade started rolling I got in position and made photos of the parade while it was going. This parade was the first year it rolled and let me tell you it did not feel like a first year parade. It was pretty incredible. All around it was a pretty awesome day. The weather was amazing, the light was perfect for photography, and everyone there was in such a good mood. It's gigs like this that really make me love what I do. Mega thanks to the krewe for hiring me out.  


Costumes by: @prothrift_er

Makeup by: