New Orleans Conference Photography

March 07, 2020

A couple weeks back right before Mardi Gras I photographed the TMC conference at one of my favorite New Orleans hotels, The Roosevelt. I was hired out to set up a headshot booth and to do event photography during the conference. 

It was a pretty fun day because I got to switch back and forth from portraiture to event photography.  So basically during the general sessions, I shut down the headshot booth and did event photography. Once the speakers were done I reopened the booth and got back to taking headshots.




Here a photo one of my assistants took of while I was working the headshot booth. 





What I like to do for headshots, is to shoot tethered. This means that the camera is connected to my laptop. So every image I take then pops up on the laptop in real time. This way my clients can see the images I photograph while I am taking them. After I get a few images done I then let the clients look at the laptop and pick out there favorite image so I can edit it and send it to them later on. 


Here's a couple headshots from that day:


ts200217.headhotbooth-200217-46ts200217.headhotbooth-200217-46 ts200217.headhotbooth-200217-50ts200217.headhotbooth-200217-50 ts200217.headhotbooth-200217-58ts200217.headhotbooth-200217-58 ts200217.headhotbooth-200217-68ts200217.headhotbooth-200217-68 ts200217.headhotbooth-200217-82ts200217.headhotbooth-200217-82 ts200217.headhotbooth-200217-86ts200217.headhotbooth-200217-86 ts200217.headhotbooth-200217-96ts200217.headhotbooth-200217-96 ts200217.headhotbooth-200217-100ts200217.headhotbooth-200217-100 ts200217.headhotbooth-200217-109ts200217.headhotbooth-200217-109 ts200217.headhotbooth-200217-136ts200217.headhotbooth-200217-136 ts200217.headhotbooth-200217-138ts200217.headhotbooth-200217-138 ts200217.headhotbooth-200217-10ts200217.headhotbooth-200217-10 ts200217.headhotbooth-200217-21ts200217.headhotbooth-200217-21 ts200217.headhotbooth-200217-32ts200217.headhotbooth-200217-32 ts200217.headhotbooth-200217-24ts200217.headhotbooth-200217-24

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