New Orleans Small Business 12n12: Antball

August 12, 2020  •  1 Comment

New Orleans Small Business 12n12: Antball

New Orleans Small Business 12n12 is a project, by local New Orleans photographer Traven Stout, that promotes one small business a month. The idea is to reach out to other business owners and simply connect with them, to relate with them, to offer help, and to look for help with running a business.

12n12 is BACK! We had a bit of a delay this year due to covid, but now I'm getting this project up and going again to finish up a total of 12 businesses in New Orleans. Every time I talk to another small business owner I get more comfortable with where my business is.  It's nice to talk to other people who "get it", specially during these uncertain times. Angie's advice for someone starting a business is exactly what this project is for me.

This month I met up and interviewed Angie from Antball Landscaping. 



What does your business do?

Antball does a little bit everything. We do clean ups and transformations. We do tree and plant installs. Drainage and Limestone. Fences and Gutters. We do small tree work, lily pad ponds. You name it we can do it.


How long have you been in operation?



Where do you see your business in 5 years?

5 years seems a very far away place to to see from here, but I’d love to have my own nursery.


Whats your favorite thing about running your own business?

My favorite thing about landscaping is watching a new lily or sage bloom. Sometimes I get to bring my dog out on the job with me too. I love it when my customers are delighted with our work.


What’s your biggest challenge within running your own business?

Technology, Paper work, and numbers.


What would be your number one suggestion to someone starting there own business?

Make friends with other people starting off with their own businesses. So you can go back and forth sharing ideas with each other and helping each other out.



What’s you social media accounts?

IG: @antballlandscaping

Facebook: Antball Landscaping LLC




Does great work has even better work ethic and is loyal, from a very pleased customer . Love ya ang! Thank you again !
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