New Orleans Portrait Photography 


Portrait Photography is much more than just snapping a photo of a person. It's about creating a relationship between the subject and the viewer. It's about telling a story. That story can be anything from building a companies brand to a growing family, or even life achievements.

You can come to my studio for a quick head shot, or I can bring my studio to you. If your looking for something different than a backdrop we can go out and hit one the many spots around New Orleans. 

Studio Head Shot Photography

Traven Stout can provide professional high quality business head shots from his studio. Head Shots in today's business world are an necessity for the modern day entrepreneur. Head Shots are needed for websites, business cards, and social media. Traven provides affordable New Orleans Business Head Shots. If its a company team or just you solo, Traven will work with you to nail your brand and get the look you or your company is going for. 

Commercial and Small Business Branding

If you have a growing business or even a well known business you know that you should establish a brand- a look, style, or philosophy that runs through all aspects of your business.  I've worked with big corporate companies down to small one man businesses. I understand and know that different businesses need different looks. I can match my editing style to meet the needs of your business. Whether your a small business advertising on social media or a commercial business with a huge advertising campaign I can fit my photography to match your brand.

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Life and Family Photography

Life Portraits are shots of those crowning moments in life- Graduations, Engagements, Maternity and so on. I pair life portraits up with family photography, because family is life.  Contact me and I'll work with you and/or your growing family to find the best place and time to set up a shoot.

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